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June 18, 2019
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June 18, 2019

Snapseed is a very under-rated app. Mostly because I think people don’t know how to use the tools it has, even I didn’t for the longest time. Best photo editing app Snapseed, which allows for editing RAW photos, has been updated for iPhone X today. Snapseed is a professional photo editing tool that allows users to edit RAW images, do color correction/adjust white balance, and more. More notably, the app saves every single edit that is made so a revision history is created. If something doesn’t look the way you want it to, you can use the handy undo feature. The app is available as a free download snapseed apk for iPhone and iPad with no in-app purchase required to unlock its full potential.

Snapseed, the app that began on iOS, which allows people to do pretty advanced things to photos with simple gestures, within minutes, has continued its work even after the company, an entire team, was acquired by Google. And yes, that entire Nik Software team is intact at Google as well. Today, Google has launched the long-awaited Android version of Snapseed on Google Play, as well as updated the iOS version, along with making it free. For reference, Snapseed for iOS was $4.99 until right this second.

But what does Snapseed offer that other apps don’t? I sat down with Josh Haftel to discuss how Snapseed has progressed, and why Nik Software began its work to bring best photo editing app and post-processing to the masses, which was clearly what interested Google in the first place.


  • The software is free to use. Lots of the video editing software out there is very expensive, so this is a good option if you are low on funds, or just wish to try the app.
  • Comes with several professional-grade presets, and editing tools. This can be useful if you are inexperienced, and want to have most of the work already done for you.
  • The software is tried and tested by amateur and professional photographers alike, so you know you are getting a tried and true program.
  • It is user-friendly, so if you are just starting out on your photo editing journey, or are new to photo editing software, this will make things more streamlined and understandable for you.
  • Snapseed can edit RAW files, a RAW image has not been processed by your camera, this gives you true control over the look and feel of your photos.
  • There are easy-to-use finger swipe sliders you can use to edit images, no stylus needed!
  • Advertisement free. No annoying pop-ups and ads while you are trying to focus on what you are doing.


  • There is a slight learning process, even though it is considered user-friendly.
  • Not for complete beginners, it does help to have some initial experience, though there are several videos that can assist with learning.
  • You have to be vigilant about saving your work, as the options included are not very intuitive.
  • You can currently integrate with your social network, though the options here could be more clear than they are.

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