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April 25, 2018
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There are some great apps for iOS out there that Apple’s App Store does not feature. For such apps, we had to jailbreak the phone and download Cydia. But jailbreaking is not a great move. You lose the warranty on the device and also make it vulnerable to various kinds of threats. So, what do you do? You install vShare on your iOS device. Just like Cydia, vShare is also an app repository but you can get vShare iOS without jailbreaking.

vShare App lets you have access to thousands of amazing apps. Whether you are looking for utility apps or games, vShare has everything for you. vShare for iOS features a very good looking interface allowing easy search and navigation. You can use the search box to look up for the apps you wish to install. You can also pick the features apps from the home screen.

vShare is an iOS latest apk that allows users to download and install cracked apps from outside of the Apple App Store. Initially, vShare was only available for users with jailbroken iOS devices; now, vShare can be installed on any iOS device with or without jailbreaking.

Apple does not support the act of jailbreaking and does not offer support for Cydia, AppSync, vShare, and all other cracked apps. If your jailbroken iOS device stops working after installing apps from vShare, follow these steps to remove the jailbreak or restore your iOS device to the original factory settings. Removing the jailbreak can reinstate your manufacturer’s warranty with Apple, and may also help resolve any software problems caused by jailbreaking.

How to Install vShare on Android:

Downloading vShare onto your Android device requires manually downloading the application package file also called APK. Here’s how to do it.

On your Android device, go through Settings to Security and open it Find and enable the Unknown Sources option; if you don’t, you can’t install the app Download vShare APK file from the download button above. Find the file on your device, it will be in your Downloads folder, and double-tap it Wait for the app to be installed onto your device and then you can use it.

How to Install vShare on iOS:

Tap on the download link above to start the download Tap Install in the new page to tell the Profile it can download Tap Install Profile in Settings when it opens Type in your passcode and wait for Safari to open When it does, tap Install Tap Install on the popup window and Settings will open again On each successive page, tap Install>Next>Done When the installation is complete, Panda Helper will be on your home screen. If you don’t see the icon, do these steps again

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