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Social Selling: Know your Words. They are your best tool.
June 21, 2016
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5 simple rules of Social Selling
June 29, 2016

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Being a Top Performer is not hard. Challenging, yes, but not hard. Being at the top of your game is what I call a “motivational hazard” sometimes. Being up there can mislead you. It can give you the impression that being at the top means you have already given the most you can with the expected results. Just ask yourself this simple question: can you go beyond Top Performance? Just take a breath and ask for more?

Because being at the Top means sometimes you’ve already mastered everything that you can, right? But, is it enough? What if your Top Performance only signals just that:  your Top Performance alone, and not what the game really needs. If you’re best shot is a 7 out of 10…it might be the best for you and thus, become a personal high score…but you’re 3 numbers short of success.

Remember’s Rocky Balboa’s strategy? Let them come at me, let them hit me because I’m a rock. Want to hit me? More, please. More. And even then, some more. They’ll get tired…and that’s when I’ll strike, that’s when I’ll really shine: when I’m beyond the top, in that place where no one thought I could reach because, simply, no one did before.

Resilience: the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens


Top Performance is what’s expected of all of us. We are paid to become Top Performers, even if we don’t get there every time. Motivation becomes uni-directional: it leads there but it doesn’t lead back to you. Can you imagine it any other way? You getting an award or recognition for an out of the standard performance and feeling…uneasy instead of satisfied? As in “I know I can do better…so bring it on. More, please!”. Not many people can and there’s plenty of reasons for that. I’ll just give you one: Top Performance is set as the highest bar we can aim at. It’s a beacon, and a beacon alone. What lies beyond depends entirely of you.

I’m calling that bluff though. You can go further than that in every single way. I’ve met dozens of Top Performers in my life, I have even awarded some of them myself and I’ve seen over and over that glassy shine that states “I got here”. A shine that reminds me of a red button computers used to have a long, long time ago: a button called “RESET”.

That is what you do after you hit Top Performer, right? You go back to Zero and start climbing back up, knowing you’re competing with your peers again. You have to beat them at it, yet again. But what if you didn’t do that? What if instead of resetting your energy and your expectations, you kept on going…took a breath of fresh air and just asked for more without going back to scratch?

What if instead of thanking the person that hands you the award and going back to the crowd you stay up in that podium, look at that person straight in the eye and ask for more? What if you just keep going as if nothing had changed?

I’ve met a lot of people who will always go the extra mile, and some who make professional careers out of that…yet I think I have only met a few who even after success just smile and say, maybe in silence, or maybe at the top of their lungs: MORE, PLEASE!!!

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