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May 20, 2016
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May 30, 2016


A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles

Christopher Reeve

When Companies get too big, whether in employee count or revenue, they transform into Corporations. That transformation entails, among other things, a larger ecosystem that can assure it’s survival through the process. As the Company grows so do the people that give it it’s form and value, but the fact is that business usually outgrows its internal ecosystem: it presents needs and challenges that either no one is ready to take in their present situation or that demands talent that is just not there.

This kind of situation is what brings up the best in those who can stand up and make a difference, quickly becoming leaders, affecting those who work with them at first, then others around those first and eventually the business. This is how Heroes are made in a Company: unchallenged growth, escalating problems and lagging processes suddenly are checked and meet their match: someone who saw the problem and decided to act took the reins of it and eventually fixed everything, overcoming challenges and impossibilities and earning the “Super” title. A Hero.

Only, life can’t be without balance, even in Business. And so…enter the Villain.

A Villain essentially needs a moustache so he can twiddle with it gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan

Mel Brooks

Challenges and problems don’t just appear for nothing or out of thin air in a Company. Sometimes they are caused by someone or something but even when they are not, there is always someone who’s looking at them as an opportunity…but not for the betterment of the Company or their colleagues: they want those opportunities for themselves. The true reason behind that goes beyond what one can fathom.

One could say that’s arguably right or slightly wrong: Corporations thrive when there’s a healthy competition within its ranks. Healthy might be an overstatement of course, but the competition is always there nonetheless. When does someone who’s trying to find some leverage become a Villain though? Shouldn’t be hard to figure out if you consider the following: sometimes the fastest way up is just about stepping on the right stones…and if the stones are other people’s projects, opportunities or even jobs…well, there’s your Villain.

There is such a thing as an Agenda within Corporations: you as an employee will have one, your boss will have one and it goes all the way up to the non-corporeal form of the Company itself and it is the decision of which one to pursue and how to do it that separates Heroes from Villains: fight for the greater good, for your colleagues or those who work for you, be that to present the best possible results and make people happier or fight the darker approach which entails doing all of that…but for all the wrong reasons.

So think carefully next time you find a challenge, or a problem, or an opportunity. It is ultimately your decision that counts but your motives are not to be overlooked: it is those that determine if you’re stepping into the light…or out of it.

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