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March 28, 2016
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April 18, 2016


Working in sales has been, at best, the most stressing, nerve-wrecking, frustrating but rewarding, fun and amazing experience I’ve had in my life. I guess I can say it’s not for everyone, but I can also say anyone can sell. Long hours of working through papers and relationships. Weeks and sometimes months without getting any commissions. Forecast meetings. Being a sales rep is hard. Being a sales manager is harder.

There is one moment that makes everything worth it. Every single day, night and weekend I spent in sales. Getting there is a journey in itself and depending on how you did, the experience is one or another one. Even then…it’s unique. It happens only once a year, and I still feel like I did when I first starting learning the trade: it is the last day of the Fiscal Year.

I could say stuff like “Everything is Possible”, “That day miracles can happen”, “If you believe in it, it will happen”. But no. The fact that sometimes you don’t get to that day the way you would have liked to makes a big difference…yet there’s some electricity, some excitement and anxiety in the air you can taste and feel.

Comradery replaces Egolatry (yes, sales people love their egos more than they love money, there, I said it…and I love myself!), disappointment is replaced by fulfillment: it is a time in the year when nobody gloats…or nobody does it at the expense of others. It doesn’t matter who hits or excedes a target. It’s all about getting to that finish line. It is about ending it, and doing something different.

That last day of the year is always inspiring to me. As a manager, I want everyone on my team to cross that line into the new Fiscal Year satisfied, challenged, happy, and I know everyone wants the same. The great part is that everyone wants the same actually: the ones that had a great year, and the ones that struggled. Everyone wants it to be over for their own reasons.

So why not cross the line with a bang? That is the way to go: it doesn’t matter what happen the 364 days before that day: we got there and we decide how to finish it and welcome the new year and to me that sings a song of success and partnership: we’ll do it together.

We will finish this year, we will start a new one. We will make this happen as a team and for the team. We’ll cross that line and we’ll get there tired and sweating but with a smile and a sense of satisfaction because we ended it the way we wanted to end it: with a bang.

Today is that day when everything ends for me and my team. We’re coming.

See you on the other side.

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