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January 29, 2016
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Have you ever felt that you’re stuck at work? That there’s no more challenge for you, or that you just can’t take it anymore? How many times have you searched job boards but never applied to any new job at all? And it all starts with a single thought: maybe it’s time to change jobs.

Before you do so there are few things you might want to consider for a simple reason: maybe it’s you who needs to change, not your job. Think of your job or any job as a context, nothing else. A space and time where you are embedded for the most part of your life: it has a lot of chances of becoming dull and eventually tiresome and it forces you to define yourself, constantly.

Why are you there in the first place?

A tough question, but an honest one. How did you get your current job and why do you keep it? In the age of modern work, Companies try really hard to keep their employees happy for a single reason: employees have realized they have power. They can decide where and how to work now. So if you have that power to change, to find something better if that’s what you want, why haven’t you? Try to ask yourself this simple questions: how did you get there? Was it design, was it luck, was it inertia? Whatever it was…you and only you know what put you there and only you can assess if that’s still good enough to stay where you are.

Sudden or old thought?

Sometimes change comes to your mind as a swift and bold idea suddenly flooding your mind, and other times it is as a small plant that grows and grows within your mind until it covers every other thought, smothering ideas. A sudden thought might be the expression of something you’ve entertained before: the idea of change. You bottle it up inside until it bursts because of the need that lies in your subconsciousness. Or once you’ve had a small thought of change and entertained the idea what you might be doing is actually closer to nurturing that idea, as a small and tender ivy. You keep it there, you feed it with your dreams of doing something different and the lacking will of those who don’t dare do it. One day you take a closer look and you realize it’s choking you and you need change as much as you need air: to survive.

Need for change or change the Need?

Easily confused for a very simple reason: it is easier to use change as a noun than as a verb. You do not own the noun but you definitely own the verb. Transform change from a thing you “need” into a thing you can “do”. When you use the verb instead of the noun you realize it is not as much as a need what you felt but the actual impulse that makes you the owner of those needs. Change your focus. Change your paradigm. Change the way you look at your job, or even the way you work. Change so it is you who owns it. Do not be the consequence of Need but rather re-define that need: change, own, define. Try to understand why you feel that need…and change it.

There is certainly more to it than just these questions but maybe you can use them to start the journey the right way: change is great, but what drives you to it? Think carefully, you might jump into your next adventure…only to find yourself at the same spot years from now.

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