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February 3, 2016
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February 10, 2016

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Sunday, 9 pm: Life is dull, tomorrow is Monday.
Monday, 9 pm: Ok, one day less. You can’t believe how tired you are.
Tuesday, 9 pm: Your skin itches with a sort of anticipation.
Wednesday, 9 pm: You smile way more than Monday. There’s a rhythm in your movements. Plans start forming in your mind.
Thursday, 9 pm: You are openly promoting the weekend. You feel like Saruman about to raid Helm’s deep.
Friday, 9 AM: You become the Fridaymonger!

And it’s contagious. People just like Fridays for a number of reasons. I know at least 10 and you can read about them in this blog I posted last year. This one is not going to be about that but more around you and your Friday mongering. It all starts as you can see…every single Tuesday.

The weekend is over, the week has started again and you’re past Monday. You know that ahead of you lie just a few more days of work and then it’s Friday again. You realize Friday will come no matter what…but you just can’t wait for it. Knowing it’s inevitable doesn’t help. If anything, it fills you with expectation, with anticipation. Friday will come and you will be there to greet it.

As the week passes by, Friday becomes more and more relevant in your speech. You’re secretly dancing to music only you can hear, and smiling to people that’s not there. Of course all of this happens mostly in your mind, otherwise you would look funny, yet still people can tell you’re changing as Friday comes closer and closer: they see your transform, as a plant in a pot does when after days of not being watered someone remembers and drops a full glass of fresh, transparent and life giving liquid on it: it comes to life, vibrant and strong.

Fridaymongers are a must you see. Even if you are not one of them, having one close to you might be just what you need. They know that Fridays are infinite, that they will come back every 7 days, yet they suffer from it’s absence the prior 6 ones and become Preachers of Friday as it comes closer.

Some people hate them. Maybe people who don’t like Fridays or who don’t like being reminded that they are different, because not everyone goes out on a Friday night and not everyone looks forward to the weekend. But even so and even for them, Fridaymongers fulfill a much needed role: they remind them that everything repeats itself and has the potential of becoming something new again, and again, and again.

As with everything in life and business: balance is good. This is what Fridaymongers bring to your life: they remind you there’s more to it than just 7 days in a week. They represent the possibility of starting over and finishing something at the same time. They live Fridays as a Holiday, as a festivity…that comes and goes by and to which we are all invited.

I can’t help to notice as I write this that there’s music in the office…there’s at least one of them out here 🙂

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