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February 22, 2016
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March 2, 2016


Monday is by far, the most hated day of the week. It’s probably because it means we get back to our routines and among the things we do every single day the one that takes the most time is of course our jobs and who likes going back to work?

Call me a freak, but I do. I’ll admit to having my “I hate Mondays” moments, but I am usually happy to go back to the office, talk to my colleagues and spend time with them. I believe a routine doesn’t need to be a bad thing as long as you’re open enough to change it if it needs to.

Regardless of me liking Mondays or you hating them, but specially if you hate them, there are things that are better to avoid on any given Monday, the reason being simple: they can harm you more than help you. Here’s a quick list based on my very own personal experience.

Saying no. Start your week with a YES. Nothing sets a better mood than staying positive. I get it, Mondays suck but what if you try to beat that mood by enabling other people? Saying YES does exactly that.

Don’t fight. Or basically, do not react. Don’t fight, even if you are right, don’t argue unless it’s needed. If you do, you’re likely to set the mood for the rest of the day and maybe the week. Avoid picking fights with your colleagues.

Being slow vs saying you are. Everyone expects everyone to be “slow” on Monday, yet most people just take advantage of that statement to basically don’t do anything but drink coffee on that day. Avoid it, it’s one day less to get things done.

Being late. Mostly associated with Mondays being Mondays but there’s actually no reason for being late on a Monday. If you start late…you will only finish late and you already hate the day so you won’t want to stay longer at the office, will you?

Don’t be that Girl or Guy. You know the type. They come in completely pumped-up with a huge mug of coffee and loud music. I like Mondays and all, but I don’t like over-doers and trust me, if I don’t like them chances are if you hate Mondays you’ll like them less than I do.

Avoid telling amazing stories of your weekend. Regardless of how crazy your weekend might have been, chances are most people weren’t that lucky. If you start your week telling them how awesome your weekend was, you might end up your next weekend…alone.

Heavy duties. Unless you can muster the energy and focus they require, concentrate on lighter tasks that don’t require your undivided attention or a lot of you. Take it easy. If Monday is not your day, Tuesday just might.

Getting depressed. Some 40% of any given workforce thinks Monday is a depressing day, hence they give in to a light depression. You can be tired, you can be bored but you shouldn’t be depressed. Mondays are about beginnings after all, so why not be happy about them?

New diets. Most people will start a new diet on Mondays, which usually puts you in a cranky mood. Guess what happens when you mix 2 things you don’t like (such as Mondays and diets)? Grumpiness at work is not nice.

Start the gym. Not that there’s a problem with that but if you haven’t done some physical in some time…you’ll be sore and sorry, and you don’t want to walk funny for the rest of the week, and you might not enjoy the extra attention at work.


Happy Monday everyone 🙂

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