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January 18, 2016
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IT is amazing. Let me rephrase that a bit in case you are not a nerd or work in IT: Information Technology is amazing. I guess we could say Technology in general is, but I’d like to keep this post limited to business and what challenges IT will have as of this year.

In general terms, the Top Trends identified by all big Business watchers such as Forbes indicate there are at least 3 mainstream challenges your Business might need to face through the proper usage of IT. Some of them are given as simple continuations of challenges faced in the recent past, some are the conclusion of those challenges and the actual presentation of new ones.

The Mesh

The MeshThe exponential proliferation of devices and the enormous amount of resources they consume has proven to be a challenge for anyone doing business digitally. There are so many devices that connect to something, to everything from somewhere and anywhere, that trying to understand it is beyond overwhelming. They have created what’s now called “The Device Mesh”, which, as defined in this ITBusinessEdge article presents “an expanding set of endpoints people use to access applications and information or interact with people, social communities, governments and businesses”.

It’s former status was the famed “IoT”, soon replaced by the “IoE”. Internet and Information without geographic wardens and with very thin political edges, it keeps evolving and producing new means and business opportunities such as Big Data.

Translating this to your business is easy: it means the medium through which your business connects to your customers is growing at it’s own fast pace. If your IT is outdated…it might not catch up fast enough.

Apps for everyone – Ambient User Experience

evernoteThe raging OS battle for smartphones and the likes hasn’t diminished. Actually, it’s picked up more speed as users become more and more demanding: they want apps for everything, no matter what platform or device they are using. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a bakery, they want to consume your goods through their devices. If you don’t provide that digital experience they want…they might just take their business elsewhere. Your IT needs to be able to deliver a fast and solid user experience. Best way? Build an app! And another one, then another one more.

Apple’s challenge for the remainder of this decade is to endure. Google’s challenge is to build something new that people actually do like so they don’t have to discontinue them. What’s your business challenge? Is your IT ready to meet it?

Read this case study from no other than Evernote and find out how they did it.

Autonomous computing

Machine learning, the fancy name for AI, is finally getting to an interesting stage. I believe some of us might still be able to see the first useful, massive and commercial AI in history.

As defined by, “Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”.  What does this mean to your business though? You might think “nothing at all” considering you might not need anything too intelligent in your Datacenter and that’s where you might be wrong.
targetThe first business application for Autonomous computing is security, which was also identified as a trend by Forbes not long ago. Hackers can get to you, or to whoever hosts your IT. The Cloud is not necessarily more secure than your own Datacenter, nobody is safe…but what if instead of us having to look for those who like snooping around, machines learnt how to do it themselves? This is not just Software we’re speaking, not another anti-virus thing but an actual AI (hardware, software, connectivity) that could prevent and retaliate those attacks.

Wouldn’t your business be more secure then? I’m sure Target would have loved to have such Technology: it would have saved them at least 10 Million USD.


As this new year unfolds it’s time you check on your IT strategy. It has the potential to be the most critical part of your business plan for the year and you better hurry: Technology will not stop for you, but it can take you places.

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