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December 7, 2015
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December 14, 2015

CTRL M info 1.5If you know your Tech, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a business person who depends (maybe without even knowing it) on your IT to run your business, you might not. In any case, truth stands: if you want your business to be agile, faster, secure and nimble you need to take care of your workloads.

What does Workload mean?

Workload: the amount of processing that the computer has been given to do at a given time.”

It basically means that given a certain amount of time and a certain processing capacity, a computer can do a certain amount of tasks. And as you can imagine (or know), modern computers run many, many of those. Every application you use, every service your datacenter hosts is ultimately processed as workloads.

The proper processing of all of these tasks ends up giving up a KPI we all know too well: performance. Easily put: it is what establishes if your processing is good enough for your business to run smoothly. Most of this processing takes a lot of time (and power) of your datacenter and a lot of resources, which is why it is usually done in batch (meaning all processed as a series automatically, with no human intervention) and also why it used to be such a heavy burden that most Companies would do this at night: if done wrong in business hours it could just kill your business.

Robert Stinnett, a Data Center Engineer and Workload Automation Expert gave a good example to Tom Walat, Editor at during a Podcast he was invited to:

Traditionally we would take a workload — in the olden days, 10 years ago, we used to call this batch — and at night the online regions came down, the batch processing started and the next morning we brought everything back up to be ready for the next business day. So the only thing that’s changed over the years is that we went to a 24/7 global economy, driven by the Internet and mobile technologies.

It is really common to face peaks and valleys, in IT, to such an extend that sometimes you can even see it yourself from the business perspective: if you ever stood in front of a department store at different times of the day, you know what I mean: peaks are usually around noon, valleys after 10 pm. Guess when I go shopping? 😉

Truth be told there are many ways of doing Workload Automation but to me, there is just no way of doing it right if you don’t understand what it entails: the better you are processing your workloads, the better your IT performance will be hence the faster your business will run and a great way of achieving such performance is automating these workloads.

There’s a myriad of ways of tending to this, and a few very good solutions that do it for you. It’s called Workload Automation and solutions range from open-source to full enterprise. Sizes and options are many but ultimately your business should decide.

I can point the right way when it comes to picking one: just go out and find a business that runs so smoothly that IT becomes invisible and ask them what they run. I know what they’ll tell you.

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