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November 30, 2015
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December 8, 2015


A beautiful and unique phenomena happens every single year in the city I live. It starts in mid or late October and it goes on for weeks. That’s the high of Springtime and the beginning of Summer. The city is filled with trees we call “Tipas”, an autochtonous species, really tall and solid, 50 feet high they loom, very green their leaves and dark it’s bark, crowned with impossible yellow-orange flowers. These appear only once a year…and they fall, and when they do it is as if it was raining fire.

Each flower a part of the soft curtain that falls from the proud tops, each one unique and necessary, part of a bigger canvas that is painted all over year after year, just once each time. To watch them fall is like watching magic fall, and I can’t help but to stop and watch, remembering my years as a kid as I would watch these every time I could, specially at night as the small flowers contrasted so well with the black-blue of the night, gently pushed by a cool spring-summer breeze.

I guess you’re wondering where this is going right?

It certainly was a longer prologue than I had thought initially but I couldn’t help it, I just happen to like those little flowers a lot. What amazes the most is that you can grab a bunch of them and they  might all see alike but if you pay attention for just another second you will realize they are all different, no matter how much they resemble one another.

That’s how my little reverie up there connects to you, or to my point around you actually: you might be just another person doing your job, might look a lot like the person doing that same job next to you but no matter what, you are unique, one of a kind in a world filled with very similar kinds where people will try to tell you that you are just like another one that is not yourself.

Companies describe jobs or roles in a way that usually just explains what needs to be done and they are careful enough not to say the wrong thing. They use words that never describe you as a person but the skills they desire or need, which is why roles / positions are used to describe ourselves within a Company. As in “there goes our Manager”;  “that’s the VP”; “she’s a Sr. Rep”, etc.

It feels almost like the symmetry roles and titles impose on us is designed to not let out what makes each one of us unique, but then there’s the flowers, right?

They look the same when they all fall together, but they are not.

Companies are beginning to understand this and are slowly letting go to. Leaders naturally see this as a shift in business that can only bring up good things so they push others to speed the process: let people be themselves, let them bring what they are and have to the Team, let them use their own colors.

And so being unique is becoming the one thing that can get you a good job: you are needed as you are, all of you: Unique.


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