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October 5, 2015
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October 12, 2015

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Once upon a time people who understood computers were hard to find and weird to look at. Maybe that was other people thought they lived in basements. They were branded “Nerds” and laughed at their occurrences, and nobody thought they would or could become anything different than that.

There were many kinds of People: hardware people who preferred Iron and Cables, the kind of People who understood all about how things plugged to things, then there were Network People who basically thought things that communicated amongst each were cool. And we can’t forget the all mighty Infrastructure People who thought they were the overlords of Nerds.

But there was a special kind of them, one that was bound by all others and limited by them: the Software People who didn’t bother others and were unpopular even by other People terms. They were called “Developers”, as they were the only ones really developing stuff.

These among all of them were unique: they not only understood computers, they had the ability to make them do things no one else could. They not only understood the language but actually taught computers how to speak and combine that language into newer, better and more complex languages.

They created new words and new meanings, teaching computers how to understand and help other humans better. As all brilliant classes though, they were disregarded and pushed back. Infrastructure and Hardware People would laugh. Network People would just ignore them as data was important, but not it’s content.

Software needed to evolve though, and they knew it. It was not a question but an actual fact everyone in the world of computers knew: user interfaces needed to evolve as there were more and more devices out there, and more manufacturers battling to make computers something everyone could buy and use without so much of a hassle.

Software People knew this was their way out of the basement but it could not happen as long as their world was limited by the domains of the other People. They began spreading a word among the others: they could Service them if they were allowed to, and show the true power of Technology combined.

That is when the world changed: Software pushed Infrastructure to its limits. Hardware and Network People began working frantically to integrate among each other (which was only possible through Software) and the sky changed: Clouds appeared, powered by transparent, resilient pools of resources that made coding and versioning easier. XML allowed them to go beyond a monitor and into the device world, thus taking Technology a step beyond a desktop keyboard and mouse.

Clouds didn’t block the sun though as they were not enough to make an Atlas, but they did change the world: Services made the 21st Century possible, bringing the complex language and world of Computers to everyone through different interfaces, operating systems and applications.

As in Human History none of this could have been possible without Language, which is what Software people knew all along: hardware and data are nothing without an interface. Content is just 1s and 0s without a compiler, and there’s a reason for decoders to be embedded everywhere: it is how we understand computers and how they interpret us.

It was Nerds after all, Technology people, who understood that “once upon a time” is just a path a beginning, a step forward in evolution and they were right: it would only become possible if computers and us spoke the same language, only instead of us learning theirs or them learning ours…they found the middle point and taught everyone of us how to use it.

Remember this next time someone says “I’m a Developer”, for they are the makers of our future…or at least the ones that make your apps work!

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