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September 11, 2015
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September 15, 2015


Before you think I’ve gone mad, read on. I love Fridays as most people do, I actually wrote a few takes on how cool Fridays are to me, as to everyone but then, some time ago, I started thinking a bit more about it. Friday is a day you get to as any other day but as it mixes that “end of the week” with “start of the weekend” thing (which sounds semantically challenging) we enjoy it in a very peculiar way. It seems we rejoice in the little death they represent and the small break they bring to us.

But…how do we get there? There’s no Friday without a Thursday, and of course the only way Thursdays exist is because there’s a Wednesday, the middle of the week that is also just the day that follows Tuesday, a day in which we are already at the Top of our game…which of course only takes us to the one day we all say we hate but we know is just the very first and most important stepping stone to actually get to Fridays: Mondays.

I’ve always loved Garfield comics and I think most of us relate to his “I hate Mondays” face. It’s hard not to as Mondays mean just one thing: time to start all over again. It is the actual place where the loop that takes us to Friday and back to Monday begins.

That’s why I’ve thought long and hard about Mondays and came to the conclusion it’s actually a pretty intense day for a reason, and then I thought about a few other ones. Well, I’ll share just 5 with you and hope that you get through them without hating me!

1. Mondays are the actual new beginning. How can you unleash yourself into the weekend if there’s no week to begin with? That’s the whole reason Fridays are Fridays: they signal the end. Well, Mondays signal the beginning: it is when things start. Friday is usually just a memory on Monday. It is when you breath in, deeply, yawn, get a cup of coffee and realize that the week only just started. That is reason enough to celebrate though the haze of the weekend doesn’t quite put us on a festive mode, does it? Think of it: you get to do it all over again, you get new opportunities, new challenges, new hopes. All you need to do is get a cup of coffee and breath in, breath out.

2. Because Mondays tend to suck, a good Monday is really appreciated. I had to say it. I don’t think Mondays suck but I didn’t want to be so much of a nerd of course. The fact is that as everything starts on Mondays, which means bad news and stuff we are not looking forward do too, like going to the dentist, starting a new diet, going back to the gym, writing your new year resolutions, etc. Well, how do you feel when you get a Monday off, or when everything just works out on a Monday? I bet it feels much better than any other given day.

3. Monday is the most predictable day. More than Fridays and Sundays. It’s so predictable you just work on auto-pilot. You probably don’t even remember how  you got to the office. Well, have you ever considered that that is possible only because you expect Mondays to be like that? No change, nothing new and maybe a few bad things? What would happen if, knowing how predictable Mondays are, you try something new? Maybe that’s the beginning of a change you need.

4. Your first step out of bed will define the rest of the week for you. Agreed, maybe that’s a long shot but there’s some truth to it: your first step out of bed on a Monday has a bigger impact on how your week is going to be than any other first step on any other given day: it’s the first step of the week and you get to decide how that is going to be. You decide when a Monday is a Garfield Monday, or a good Monday right there on that first step. Do it right, and your week can be different. Take the wrong step and well, isn’t that what Mondays look like? You Sir or Madam, can change it though.

5. Monday is just 5 days away from Friday! Well, I had to say it didn’t I? The best way to get to Friday is starting on Monday. If waking up early and going back to work is hard, just think of that: you’ll eventually get to that relieve Fridays are…it just takes one step at a time, one day at a time and it all begins when? Exactly, on a Monday.


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