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Not the restaurants, mind you but the actual day. Yes, we all love Fridays and the common reason being it’s the day before Saturday, before the weekend, before a Holiday or a vacation. It’s basically the day before something great, and yet it can be so much more. Here’s a quick list on why Fridays are or can awesome for everyone.

1. It anticipates something. And we live for that feeling of anticipation, don’t we? It really puts us in such a state of mind that we feel fresh, young and ready for more, again, even if we are not. Even if that something is sleeping over the weekend your body is reacting to that sense of anticipation.

2. We dress casual. One day “casual Fridays” will just be a memory of the time when we dressed in a certain way from Monday till Thursday and then on Friday we just relaxed. Remember: there was a time when there was no casual Friday at all. Casual Fridays are a sort of release, a way to ease ourselves into the weekend.

3. We even eat differently. 6 out of 10 people I usually eat with take good care of themselves…from Monday to Thursday, but Friday? That’s “take-out day”, or even “burrito breakfast day”. It’s the day we don’t care about fruit at the office. We can already taste the 6pm beer. Again, we relax and let go a bit.

4. Bad things don’t happen on Fridays. Not true of course, but that’s how most people feel about it. Your mind lets go of preoccupations and you’re focusing more and more on the weekend to come. You feel invincible, unstoppable. When something bad happens on a Friday you just can’t believe it, but, believe it or not actually you tend to recover faster.

5. It’s the day when things end, and things start. Beyond anticipation of the weekend, you can look back into your week, losen your shirt, kick off your shoes and see how good or bad you did. Breathe in, breathe out and look ahead to a couple of days of just not going through it again. Friday is the best possible metaphor of life: it’s the actual moment, still and perfect, when you look back just to look up ahead.

6. The day is shorter. Have you ever been riding a horse back to a stable? They go faster. Have you ever gone back home after a long trip? You go faster. It’s about going back to that place of freedom weekends usually are. You might even work more than on a Thursday actually, but you work faster and most of the times harder because you just want to be done…thus giving you the impression that the day is shorter.

7. Friday feels like home. It doesn’t matter if you have a routine all planned up for your Fridays and you repeat and repeat and repeat them, or if you just want an original plan for each Friday. You know for a fact that the one day that you’re waiting for to cool off is Friday: the day when you home is not where you go, but where you end up.

8. Music is high on Fridays. It’s kind of a natural thing, like french fries and ketchup (though I’m not a fan of those): Fridays go with music. When possible, I just turn the volume up and play a few songs on my playlist and magic happens: on a Friday, nobody will complain. Nobody dare…because Fridays go with music.

9. Fridays are about them. Have you noticed? Saturdays are actually about you, but the route to you is through them. Fridays are the days when you share the most, and when others take and give back. Any Friday is a good Friday if you share with someone, isn’t it? Even your boss looks friendlier 🙂

10. Most people won’t say NO on Fridays. Try it. Ok, not when it comes to business as most people won’t take a meeting on Friday, but just try it. Our inhibitions go down so Fridays might actually be the best days to get people to say YES to you. Ever got a date on a Friday? or a promotion? Or a couple of friends agreeing to an unlikely plan? Fridays dude, Fridays.

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