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August 13, 2015
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August 24, 2015


Unless you have a serious strategy that brings your IT initiatives to your table as a key partner to success, that is. Did you know that 6 out of 10 Companies are still struggling with the same challenges they were fighting 18 months ago? And did you know that that is the average time a CIO spends or lasts in a new job?

The more advanced your Technology becomes, the more your business might suffer if you don’t integrate them properly. It’s not just about getting the right components and processes up, it’s also about, if not mostly about change management. How will your people (internal and external) deal with the changes Technology is imposing to your business?

One of my first jobs was similar to that of a data entry, only cooler I thought: I was the “script writer” for a Company that produced “DIY” kind-of videos. You know the kind: it was the ’90s so there was no Internet, no free tutorials anywhere but on TV, and the Company that hired me sold whatever they produced to other countries but in order to do so, they had to script each show. Well, they hired me to do that and I don’t miss it at all: long hours watching videos over and over, getting the words and the camera movements and the music right with something close to an 11″ green monochromatic monitor and a DOS based text processor. MS Word didn’t exist and nothing Apple did was cool then.

The thing is, that job is gone. Agreed,  you could still do it manually but we currently have technology that can automatically add subtitles to a given sequence of words. How useful would that be to this Company if they were still on business? They didn’t foresee the Internet and based on the Tech they gave me back then, they wouldn’t have invested on it either. I know for a fact that a few years after I quit that job they shut down but I’m guessing if they hadn’t back then they would still haven’t lasted a lot longer as they were Technologically impaired, and Technology changed everything.

What about your business? Have you pushed a new application or enterprise software into your users at no cost at all? If so, just patent the method and sell it to every other Company in the world and you’ll be rich. As far as my experience tells me, there’s no change that comes easily when it’s about Technology. We used to care mostly about data and the systems per se, but trends in the past 10 years have shown us it’s more around the users and their freedom to use, produce and manipulate the world through Technology than Technology per se.

Assuming you run a private venture, it then becomes relevant to think this from a different perspective: if you are not using Technology towards making the life of your Employees and Customers simpler, then you’re using it wrong.

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