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August 11, 2015
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August 13, 2015

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Today, on August 10th of 2015 Google made one of the most impressive announcements of this decade. It has nothing to do with their autonomous cars or aerostatic internet balloons, but it does. Puzzling as this might sound, the announcement was not about a new product they are developing but about their capacity to take on their current projects and those to come.

Google has decided to become a child and impossible as it sounds, give birth to a Mother Company (maybe the one we’ve been expecting) called Alphabet. There’s a lot of pun intended there but it is not for me to explain it. You can read more about it on Google’s official blog.

For the past 2 decades Google has grown beyond it’s creators imagination, or maybe not. In it’s founding letter Google’s CEO Larry Page said:

Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.

And it seems that now, more than ever they are right. I don’t believe they had thought about investing in so many diverse fields, which probably brings up thoughts about installing topics in the global agenda such as what Privacy and Memory really are in this digital era. It is no small feat, bringing something like the Internet of Everything to life, survive to it and bend it’s knee when you’re not the top device manufacturer out there.

Google has taken many projects and some they have discarded. Their recent announcement to fase Google+ out of their single-stance platform is just another proof of how relentless Google is when it comes to R&D as one could say that is what this platform might have been. It never intended to fight the other Internet giant, Mark never even sweated over this.

The Company or it’s founders more accurately have come to the conclusion that in order to grow beyond their actual capacity, a change is needed. This is not a brand change as you will read, it is the actual creation of an overseer Company. This will enable Google to focus even more on new project that will shape our future and it constitutes a very smart financial move as well. Alphabet will also keep stakeholders on the edge of their seats as Mr. Page himself will be leading the new Company.

Google might eventually (in a generation’s lifetime if not less) fade away as a name, as did Altavista as one of the top search engines in the ’90s. The huge difference though is that this is a planned fade. There is a why and there will be a because. Google might be the one Company leading it’s own evolution into a mega-corporation that might succeed.

At this point though, I wonder though…can it do it without becoming a victim of it’s own evolution?

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