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May 14, 2015
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May 20, 2015

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I work in IT. More specifically I work in Sales for a Software manufacturer and vendor. My academic background though is in Communications and I worked in Marketing for some time. I know, based on what I learnt both studying and working that the proper combination of Product, Pricing and Market on one side and Message and Media on the other one, will produce a winning strategy.

So basically I have good tools to understand how to create momentum and make a lot of money selling a good product through the right media, sending out the best possible message. Having the knowledge though doesn’t make me an expert, which I am not by the way, and it definitely doesn’t diminish the excitement I have every time a new version or product is released.

I reckon this must be the nerd in me. I can’t help it: I belong to a generation of professionals that long before going through College or University was already playing with computers. Technology was a funny thing for most people back then but for those of us who went Nerd all the way it was so much more. I fell short though, I didn’t go “programmer-nerd”. I got stuck with Sci-Fi, books and movies were my thing. Books and movies about Technology that is.

Something I also learnt working for IT companies is that new releases and versioning are important, as much as naming the product properly and placing it on the right spot through all markets. You see, once a product version is released it needs 2 types of adjustments: basic or minor ones, which usually happen right after it’s launch and can extend for a long period of time, and really significant ones which eventually take the current version to it’s next step of evolution.

Identifying them is easy: minor releases are usually within the last version’s number, so V1.0 quickly becomes V1.1, then V1.2, V1.3, etc. You get the point. Those minor releases usually just imply a few changes either in the interface or specific aspects of the given technology. Cosmetics mostly, based on little things that escaped the original design but become relevant once the application is in full use. Sometimes small functional aspects are impacted too but that’s it.

New releases though imply the evolution, the jump from V1.x to V2.0. Major changes can be expected here, such as a new user interface or a core change in an app. Releases such as this one are usually held in awe and fear: they promise so much and yet nobody wants to be the first one to try it out.

My inner nerd though has made me an early adopter, even when caution advises to “wait for it”, I’ve always been of the idea that a solid product needs early testing and I’ve made myself into a proud beta tester. Those days are long past, but something stuck with me: the will and the curiosity to try out new technology, approach it with wonderment and surprise and then, just use it or sell it.

This approach, believe it or not, has helped me a lot in my sales career. It has allowed me to understand how Technology makes business possible. Even with consumable electronics, something we didn’t think would evolve so fast and change us so much in just 20 years. Being curious about the Technology I sell, trying to understand it before actually pitching it to a customer, playing with it a bit as the customer would. All of that made me a better consultant and a more conscious sales person.
And it has also help me identify game changers. It has given me the tools to understand when something so radical is about to come out to the Market that things will inevitable change. As a sales person I’ve made this instinctive: when you hear of a feature that’s so cool your customers will just crave for it, you want to sell it. As an IT enthusiast, knowing a new version of a product comes out makes me want to experiment with it. As a consumer, it makes me want to use it.

BMC just launched a new version of it’s famed ITSM solution called Remedy 9 and known as the most complete ITSM suite that’s out there. This is the solution that for more than 10 years has led the evolution of IT Service Management into a business changer, brought to you by the Company that changed the Mainframe and Distributed world more than once in the past 20 years. You can probably understand my excitement better now.

A game changer. A technology so powerful already that it’s latest release shows one again what transformation is all about. Everyone can add features and functionalities, but not many Companies can alter their core product in such a way that it remains the same, only better. Concepts as mobility and in-app reporting, consumable either as an on-premise installation or on-demand instance, all of it governed by a solid and strict ITIL structure grant your Service Desk strategy the best possible ally.

For those  in IT who crave for solid and stable versions of enhanced and business-ready products, this means Revolution all over again. A new version of a known application that’s run by many of the Fortune 500 companies; a solution that’s multi-platform and stable through all of them hast just gained new functionalities and serious enhancements.
For those of us who try to help our customers introducing this sort of technology, this means something even simpler: we have the best-in-class, most updated release of a proven solution that will make our jobs easier and our customers happier.

I can’t help but to be excited about this launch and if you have read this article so far, you will want to know why. I could give you a lot of reasons and get all nerdy, sorry, technical, but I think it’s best if you see for yourself.

Just click the image below to see what I’m talking about, and get ready. I promise, you’ll be blown away.

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