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August 21, 2014
The words you are not saying (for anyone doing presentations or customer visits)
August 26, 2014

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..if you are not serious about Social Media. Most people (including IT professionals) have nothing but a limited understanding of the power of Media on us. Add the word “social” before Media and you’ll reduce that number by at least 3/4. So, what are the chances of you really knowing what there is to know about Social Media and how can you relate this to your business, be it the Company you work for or your own Company / Brand?

A lot has been said and written about Social Media, but can you name at least 2 or 3 huge things about it in general? By huge I don’t mean common knowledge stuff but actual HEAVY stuff. Surprised, you feel and yes, I write like Yoda would because a game of the mind and senses, it truly is.

Before jumping there, let’s look at some numbers you might find interesting, all of them coming from the IWS (Internet World Stats) site and recently updated Internet Usage stats page. Also, here’s an article I wrote about it not long ago. if you haven’t visited the IWS site…you should.

45.1% of world Internet users are in Asia. Not the Americas, not Europe, but Asia. Makes sense when you consider how many people live there, but where you aware of the huge number it represented? Consider this: Social Media would not exist without Internet.

Biggest penetration ratio is of course in North America, with 84.9% of people using Internet there. Again, no surprises considering how massive everything is there. It also means that competition around stuff like Market Share is savage, with 1 figure percentages signifying huge victories. Emerging markets suddenly sound appealing, don’t they?

Let’s look at Facebook, one of the big ones for a bit. The first number will make you think a bit:

Continent with most user Subscriptions? Europe, with 243.2M. Amazingly enough as Europe only represents 20% of Internet Users in the world. Asia, North America and South America come 2nd, 3rd and fourth in that order.

Actually, Facebook’s penetration is growing rapidly in North America, with a 49% growth last Quarter, which is still not enough to catch up with Europe. Over there, a 28% growth represents at this point more new FB subscribers per quarter than devices with Social Media capabilities are sold in North America on the same period.

Now let’s move to other equally impressive numbers: devices. Before reading the following though answer yourself this question: how many devices do you own, counting laptop and/or desktop computers? And which one are you using to read this note?

Take a look at some of the numbers IDC (sponsored by Facebook) published a bit ago. You can read the full article or download it here

By 2017, more than 222M of Americans will be using smartphones, meaning: Social Media enabled, and that represents nothing less than a 67.8% of the total projected population by that year.

84% of the time spent using a smartphone is used on texting, email or social media. Only 16% of the total time used responds to phone calls made or received.

82% of that time is spent on reading news feeds.

70% of users who use a smartphone access Facebook from that device.

There is a lot of information on that study, I highly recommend you to read it so before jumping to the conclusion here is a last piece of it I captured for you:

Do you see it now? The opportunity you are missing if you are not considering Social Media a key aspect of your Sales or Marketing strategy? If you still think that it’s not so relevant I really recommend you to read that IDC study and the IWS stats shared (both freely), or…better start packing your bags as you’ll be out of business soon!
Ps: and by the way IT Crowd, you are the Enablers here. Big chance to take your role within your company to the next level if you pitch this right.
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