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July 7, 2014
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August 15, 2014


For those of you older than 20 something, working on IT specially around the Sillicon Valley (and no, I don’t mean Vegas around the AVN award show dates ;-)), all of you who wear squared shirts, ride small bikes and still carry and old calculator around.

Do you remember these guys? “Revenge of the Nerds will be 30 years this year. It came to life in 1984 and it was all about these not-at-all cool guys who where mostly all about Technology. They called them Nerds and back then that was also an insult though, look at that picture again. Larry, Bill…didn’t they look like that somewhat? Of course as the movie was built around people like them back then so no surprises there.

So, for all of you old Nerds, remember where we come from! Technology rocked 30 years ago and it completely changed the world, and it will be keep on doing it regardless of what they call you at school or college or life. It will keep on shaping us.

And for you, Nouveau Nerds who wear striped socks and ride micro-scooters, micro-bikes and can’t lift your eyes from your phones or try to do everything through an app…this is the origin. If you haven’t seen the movie, that’s our Mecca. Every Nerd should see it at least once in their lifetime!

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