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August 13, 2014
Will Innovation take IT to the next level?
August 21, 2014
This one of those reports I wait for the whole year. Everyone in IT (from tech to sales, from entrepreneurs to corporate executives) should wait for it and then the take the to at least read some pointers: Internet is today more than the Information Highway (I never quite liked that name), dubbed like so in the 90’s.

Today our lives are heavily impacted by IT and even though the common user perception may be more around appliances or applications, what makes all of that possible is the fact that everything is connected. 30 years ago this was sci-fi of the best type, but today it is part of our common understanding of how the world works. The impact Internet has in everyone’s who’s connected (and will still have in years to come) is a great opportunity for all of us in the IT world. We make it happen at some point.

This report is kind of a health-check for the Internet. It shows you a lot of stuff, but if you have some spare time I would definitely look into how you can use this for your business. Here’s a quick example: within the available reports you can find Telecommunications outlooks for some regions and/or countries. If you are promoting a SaaS / Cloud service into a specific region, you should be looking at these: bad connectivity is a a huge stopper for all SaaS initiatives.

Or if you are selling Internet ads, or are a boutique agency that positions specific brands through Internet promotions, or even if you are an active marketer and want to know what’s the best region / country to deploy a campaign, Internet Usage / Penetration is important for you.

I recommend starting here, and diving down to each report or region you want to see. I also recommend subscribing to their newsletter as you will then know first hand when new stats are published.

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